Friday, April 29, 2011


Lately, it feels like I haven't been very productive with my knitting.  I started to count up my recent projects and it's not too bad.  It would have been better if I could have taken some sort of knitting device when I had jury duty for 2 days.  But that's another story.
Ok, here's my round up for the past few months.  Keep in mind most of it was done during my lunch hours.

These are some items for lil miss Amelia Bleck.   They are my first attempts at non-sock knitting in the round.  I found that the hats were really fun to do.  The yarn is Cascade fixation.  I got the basis of the pattern from Stephanie Pearl-Mc Phee's Knitting Rules!

This is the beginning of a sleeping pillow for Wicca.  She getting up there in years, nearly 12, and needs a soft place to sleep that is not my bed behind my legs.  It is all single crochet in the Lion Brand chenille and Suede lines ( now discontinued).   I've finished one side and have begun the other.  I should have just enough left.

The current pair of socks are in Cascade fixation.  They are cotton and lil miss Emma can't say that they are itchy.  Now that it is summer she is in a state of "no socks, mommy!"  When fall hits I think I can get her to wear them at least once.  I just reached the cuff on the second sock. I should be done in a few days.

My last project is finally getting to the weaving in on my pair of Fixation socks.  They are in my lunch project bag and I'm not bringing anything else until they are done.  I hope to have a pic of those on my feet soon.  Very soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

This Earth Day weekend I feel pretty good about what I personally have accomplished and what I've seen accomplished.

In general, I see less disdain for things like recycling. Ok, the hubby groans less when I ask him to take a can out to the bin.  The city has finally included steel cans into the pick up recycling options.  The Orange Box has really embraced it this year for a week long sale and celebration.  In the past they gave away stuff like cfl light bulbs and water saving faucet aerators.  This year there are 2 eco gardening workshops and many things in the store reducing water and energy consumption.  And surprisingly enough I'm seeing the transition of gas guzzling vehicles into more streamline, slightly less gas guzzling vehicles.  Now that gas is getting near or past the $4 someone is realizing that alot of people can't afford to fill the tanks of those big cars.

On a personal level it feels like I'm getting there as well.  I remember to take out the recycling. I'm in my second year of having a compost bin.  I have a good start on my herb and vegetable garden.  I have a couple of heirloom tomato plants from work and some mesclun greens in the ground.  I was very please to see my sage survived from last year.  I'm trying really hard not to use the ac in the house.  We'll see how it goes when we start getting into the 90's.  And best of all... yesterday, I made my first ball of tarn.

I have a lot of t-shirts left over from travels and shows that I've done.  When I say I have a lot.  It's relative.  I don't have anywhere near as many as some of my friends who are still in the business.  But they are overflowing my closet and I truly don't wear half of them any more as I can't wear t-shirts to work.  I went through my shirts and took photos of the ones that have memories and I'll put them together in some format of a memory book.  They will be transformed into something that I will use every day and make me happy to reminisce. I really need some dish cloths. 
Here is a link to a tutorial that I used to make the tarn.  It is on the Craft Passion blog.