Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Awhile ago I knit up a scarf in some nice fuzzy yarn that I had left over. It was ever so boring so I decided to add some embellishment to it. I plan to give it to a friend of mine as she had complimented the other project that I had worked on. I even asked her if she wanted a scarf with the extra. She's a scarf lady. She was excited by the prospect.
I had decided that flowers would be perfect. One or two little posies would be perfect. I have some cashmere blend worsted weight in the perfect colors to go with the scarf. The first place I went was Ravelry. On their pattern page I searched for crochet flowers. All the flowers I found were quite lovely. The problem I had was that the designs were either too complicated or I just couldn't wrap my head around the instructions. While I am more experienced in crochet than knitting I'm still quite a novice and need relatively clear instruction.

My next search was through Yahoo. After clicking on a site, then to another and another I finally came upon Craft Matters. The "Tiny Flower" pattern is a perfect little posy. The instructions were clear and it introduced me to a new process for starting a circle.
The Magic Ring is a way to create a nice tight circle to start circular crochet. The instructions that Craft Matters linked to is at Planet June. Again the clear and concise instructions were most helpful.

And here is the result...
The instructions use a dk weight yarn so hers were a bit smaller. I used a worsted weight cashmere blend. Unfortunately, it is now discontinued but it is very snuggly.

Finished pics coming soon.

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