Saturday, October 16, 2010

Learning to Knit Socks

My goal this week was to really delve into learning to knit socks in a quest to never hear the phrase "Mama it has bit hiiiilllsss!"  This is my daughter every time I try to put shoes... and socks on her feet.  Lately, it has graduated to "Mountains Mama!" lately. Em has decided that she doesn't like the seams on the top of commercially made socks.

 I was more than a little derailed early in the week as I decided to wash my hands in the dish water and forgot that I put the chef's knife in there.  Yep, there is a big ol' gash in my middle finger.  It has such perfect placement that I could easily stick a 2.5mm needle in there and scream in agony as I try to keep the blood off the yarn. And nope band aids don't really help.

I decided to make good use of my time to do the research to figure out how to do this.  Quite a while ago I heard on the Knit Picks podcast and interview with a designer, the name completely escapes me at the moment, and she extolled the virtues of toe-up sock knitting. I am someone who likes doing the hard part of a project first.  This sounded perfect way to start for me. 

The first stop was the library.  Tulsa library has a fairly good selection of knitting books. This is where I discovered Wendy Johnson and "Socks From the Toe Up".  She breaks down with nice illustrations how to do each step of the process.  Ok, now I'm inspired!  

 A month ago I had bought some needles (dpns and circular). I bought some sock yarn from the hubby's store in preparation for this.  I now have to hurry up and wait for the finger to heal. *sigh*

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  1. I totally recommend toe-up socks. If Wendy Johnson didn't steer you in this direction already, take a look at Judy Becker's magic cast-on in Knitty. Works like a charm!