Friday, June 12, 2009

Book Review-- Domiknitrix

Domiknitrix by Jennifer Stafford

In my quest to learn to knit mostly on my own I've been looking for books to help me figure it out. This one has been the most helpful. Not only does she use clear photographs but the descriptions of the techniques are clear with out being infantile. She shows more than one casting on technique. She even talks about how to work with circular needles. There are tips through out the book that most beginner books don't get into and would have to learn the hard way. It's really more of a beginner to intermediate book. Which is about where I'm at. I'm pretty good at the basics but want to learn more.

And I just love the patterns. The female sweaters are feminine but not flowery/girly. There are very sleek lines. As I read the patterns it became clear that shape of the garments are as if we're making the fabric and putting it all together as a sewn piece. She also, talks about putting in zippers. I like that. Being a little busty the buttons on sweaters never look very good on me as they always want to pull a bit.

This one is a keeper. I know I'll always be able to go back when I have a question.

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