Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How I started

Two years ago at Christmas I told the hubby that I wanted some kind of starter knitting kit. He works at Michael's and is in the best position to get it. I'd started crocheting again as a way to be creative and still be able to put a project down at a moments notice depending how my new daughters needs went. I was looking at projects and the ones I wanted to do were knitting. I started with the knit stitch and that went pretty well. With the purl stitch... not so much. I'm essentially kniting left handed and the drawings in the book included continental knitting, I just didn't get it. And with my broken wrist that never really healed properly I was in some pain and frustrated. Then I remembered Youtube. I bet they'd have videos to help me learn.

Here's the one that really helped me figure it out

Basic Purl Stitch

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