Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Great Teaching Video

I was given a "how-to" knitting video by a friend for Xmas. It has just been wonderful. It breaks stitches and techniques down to simple clear instructions. It is "Knitting Fundamentals: A Reference Guide." I know this will be very helpful as I move to new projects and learn new things. Her company is Knitting at Noon Designs

Speaking of new projects...

I just finished a scarf where I was learning to do a simple stitch pattern worked on the pearl side,
It just needs to be blocked and I have some cute fuzz and pale green yarn to make a border. This is Bernat Cashmere blend. It is wonderfully soft.

But what do I do next? I have some Patons Grace in a lovely pink/taupe color that I want to use. I had originally to make a ballet wrap sweater for Em out of it but the color doesn't suit her very well. I saw in a book at Michael's, a long time ago, a pattern for towels and wash cloth. I'm also intrigued by lace knitting. This may be good stuff to start a scarf. hmmmm.......

I need to go look for some inspiration. As for now I'm doing some gauge swatches to see how I want it to knit up.

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