Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tulsa Spring Fiber Fest

This past Sunday Em and I went to our first fiber festival.  Tulsa Spring Fiber Fest  was at this lovely barn near a pond in the wilds of South Tulsa.  It's a very picturesque spot and it was a sunny, warm and just a perfect day.

The first thing we saw upon arrival were the alpacas.  They came from J R Alpaca's (Just Right) in Jones, OK.  They are just lovely animals.  I was very proud of Em. She walked right up and gave the animal a quick pet.

I tried lead her into the barn to look at the yarn.  Em had then discovered the rosebushes and the lovely flower that were starting to bloom.  She had to run over there and look at the flowers. I finally got her to go into the barn by telling her that I would let her pick out some yarn for the blanket she's been asking me to make for her Tiger. I got a bright "ok mommy!" We walk into the barn and run into a soap maker who is also selling various bath duckies probably from Oriental Trading.  She did a cool thing of embedding them into a bar of soap.  We ended up purchasing a bar with a little yellow frog in the middle.

I finally reach a yarn vendor and Em starts asking to go to the zoo. Sigh...  I told her that it was Mommy's turn to look and she needed to pick out some yarn for the Tiger blanket she asked for.  She immediately turns around and picks up a skein of purple variegated.  "Don't you want to see what all the choices are?" I asked.  She shakes her head "no."  Ok, I look at the yarn and it's a soft Falkland wool from Legacy Yarns. She's been on a purple kick lately. I should be grateful she didn't pick the much more expensive 100% alpaca that was right next to it.

The second vendor I got to look at was Dawning Dream Yarns.  I got some lovely hand painted superwash wool in a ice blue and white colorway.

I think the first one I'll work on is the Tiger Blanket.  She proudly carried the bag with this in it the whole time we were there. Which to be honest wasn't much longer, but it was hers.

I really didn't get the chance to take a good look at all the vendors.  Em was fired up to go to the zoo,wwhich we eventually did. 

I was surprised to see how much alpaca was there.  After doing a little research I discovered that there are quite a few alpaca farms in Oklahoma.  There is a site called Alpaca's of Oklahoma.  They have a site listing about 30 in state.  Most of which are in the general vicinity of Tulsa.  Interesting.

And just because it was cute

Wicca had to check out the addition to the stash

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