Monday, June 13, 2011


I have finally completed my first pair and Em's second pair of sock's. My socks fit ok hers... not so much. I think I'm getting it, but I'm not sure.   Let's look at the evidence.
Exhibit A

They are a general sock shape and fit my feet.

Exhibit B

I managed to turn a short row heel. There is a gaping hole at the corner that I had to fix in post production. Or at least reduce to the point where I don't play with it every time I wear the socks. The goal is to have something to wear at home that keeps the toes warm and comfy.

I have to admit that I love how the sock hugs my foot. At least for now it feels like a little foot massage.

Exhibit C

Apparently, I have no clue how tall an ankle length sock should be.  I thought I had measured to an appropriate point.  I used Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  I really like how it turned out.  This pic is pre-washing.  It pulled in a little to look more normal.

Exhibit D

Again with the heel? Maybe I need to do a couple of extra rows before returning to the cuff.  Hmmmm....

At the moment I'm being a good mommy and trying to complete my daughters request fora blanket for her tiger.  I'm doing a simple lace pattern with a yarn from the fiber fest.  I do like how the color pools.   There is plenty of yarn left I need to figure out what I want.  Maybe a new scarf?

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