Friday, December 16, 2011

I'll Take Knitting Techniques for the Block

I will freely admit that I am a process knitter.  It is a form of meditation that calms my mind and takes me out of myself while at the same time being productive.  Which is why I have this little pile...

One is a basic pink and cream stockinette scarf to go with the hat I made earlier.  The other is my first attempt at a triangle shawl.  I really want to do more shawls and my favorites all tend to be triangle shawls.  I did this in some Simply Soft I had on hand to figure out the structure of the increases and yarn overs.  They really need to be blocked and the way the holidays are keeping me busy it won't be until after Xmas that I'll be able to do it.  Fortunately, it's been surprisingly warm for December in Tulsa.  Em, doesn't need the scarf just yet.

And then there's this...

I have a great idea for a girly little hat for Em made out of this Merino 5 #9816 by Crystal Palace Yarns.  I want to make a bigger floppier hat than what I've made previously.  I have 24" and 32" circular needles and about a hundred stitches to start.  Magic loop doesn't work so well with that many stitches.  I tried.  I tried three times.  The yarn on the needles kept twisting and I just couldn't get it to work.  Apparently, this yarn needs to be knit in a traditional round.  Drat!  I don't have a short enough needle to do this.  I went to Knit Picks to get a shorter needle in size 7.  They are out until I don't know when.  All it says it "Available Soon."  Double Drat!

I don't know what to do now.  I can work in a few minutes here and there to do some knitting especially during lunches.  I keep thinking about this hat and how I might make it be something my daughter would love to wear.  I need something to knit.  My hands are all itchy twitchy now.

See that little ball of yarn above my frustrated ball?  That is exactly how far I got before I hit a knot.   PreDrat!

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