Friday, November 18, 2011

Lunch Time Knitting

I work in one of the few retail companies where you get an hour for lunch.  I have always been one to eat my food in about 20 minutes if I don't go out to get it.  That usually leaves me with about 40 minute with a whole lot of nothing to do.  It took me awhile, after I started knitting, to figure out that I could bring some to work with me and make use of that relatively uninterupted 40 minutes. I really had to smack myself in the forehead pretty hard when I realized that instead of playing games on my itouch I could be productive and knit.  I'm having issues with idle hands.   I now have a pretty good system of projects bags and an carry-all Wonder Woman bag that gets my knitting to work.  I usually have two projects going one for home and one for work. But there are times when I want to work on that work project so I take them back and forth every day.

Retail can also be very stressful. And there are days whenI have no desire to talk to anyone.  I have both my ear buds and am either watching or listening to something very important. Lately, it has been the video podcast, heretofore known as vlog,  Knitting Blooms.  I was introduced to this by my friend Margaret.  She is also a knitter and this is her friend.  She sent me an email about this blog quite awhile ago but I was in the middle of another podcast obsession.  That's another story. 

I started watching this blog on my iPhone propped up against my lunchbox as I ate my lunch and knit.  I was so engrossed with it that I began to watch it at home while getting dinner ready.  I was hoping that it would last me a couple of months of lunches.  No such luck. I became obsessed.  I watched it while cleaning up after dinner. Before I knew it, I was caught up and had to wait a week.  The sad disappointment I felt rivaled my 4yr old when I told her Christmas was a month away.

Fortunately, she has recommended to me some others that I may need to check out.  I think I'll start with Dramatic Knits.  It has a theatrical theme and well, I have the degree. This might be a good thing for me.

Work in progress...

It's the beginning of a triangle shawl.  Again I take the (no) pattern from Knitting Rules.  I think that once I work out the structure of it I can handle making a more complicated one.

Finished Object

My big honking scarf...

It's not a pretty knit.  I still don't get changing colors.  It's not a particular flattering knit and it's an acrylic chenille. But I don't care. It's long, soft and  crazy warm so ... *insert raspberry here*  Sorry, I'm a little sensitive. During the making of this I had some issues with some members on a knitting board regarding the yarns origins. I don't belong to that board anymore.


My little cuff

It's my own little pattern made of Simply Soft. I broke my wrist about a decade ago and when winter comes along it aches. I wear this one to work so I don't have to worry about it getting messed up.   I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier.

Time to put a munchkin to bed. Bye for now!

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  1. Margaret pointed this out to me a few weeks ago, but I am sure you know how life gets busy during the holidays not to mention that I was sick right up until Christmas. Anyway, I am so glad you are enjoying the show.