Saturday, April 14, 2012

I think It Hates Me...

Is it possible for yarn to not want to be knit? To go kicking and screaming into a baby blanket? I swear this one ball of Cascade 220 sport did not want to be part of a baby blanket that I am making for a friends daughter.

I am making a larger version of Tiger's Blanket. I tried some other patterns but I was having such trouble getting the stitch count to work and I gave up and went back to a pattern I knew. I thought it would go a little more smoothly as I had done the pattern and most of the math already.

No such luck. I was three repeats into it when I found a small mistake. It seemed ok. I just had to fix it. I drop stitches and work my way down trying to save time. It just wasn't working. I had to frog back to my garter row

For the next three days stitches would drop, yarn overs would twist. I would forget a psso and not catch it until onto the next pattern repeat. I gave up on dropping stitches to fix mistakes. I kept losing track of the pattern. A whole lot of tinking was going on. I truly tinked as much as I knit.

I frogged back one last time and after every single row I counted every single stitch. I finally finished the skein. I'm half way through the second and its been smooth sailing.

I'm thinking that the skein was mad that it had to be so many swatches and it just wasn't going to take any more. I'm just sad that it took a week for me to figure out. I'm on a serious deadline now. I think it will be done in time. I hope it will be done in time.

Here is what I have so far.  The pic is a couple of days old. I just finished the 4th skein and am going a couple of rows of garter.  I plan on doing a crochet edge in a picot kind of thing.  I hope to cast off this evening and have it blocked.  Here's to hoping...

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