Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have a HO! And a half... And a deadline

I've been pretty productive couple of months.  One of which was on a bit of a deadline the other of which went on the back burner but I'm finally enjoying.

First off, there is the HO.  And a half...

This is my third pair of socks.  The yarn in Knit Picks Stroll in the discontinued "City Lights" color way.  The pattern is Wendy Johnson's "Dead Simple Lace Socks."  It's a fun pattern when I can remember to do the yarn overs.   When I forget, it's a pain the butt to tink back  because I'm not smart enough to work my way down on this pattern. Just not that smart yet. 

This is the first sock where I truly tried to do the math to make it fit.  It mostly fits.  It's a little long but it's all a learning process.  I now know where to adjust the length for the next pair.  I'm currently on the second cuff and hope to be done soon.  I'm thinking before fall is a good time to be done.

As a step closer to my New Year Goal of knitting more socks and spending more time in knitting communities I purchased a workshop on Craftsy.  It's Donna Drachunas' Knit Original Toe Up Socks.  I just got thought the introduction and have the patterns downloaded.  I'm ready to go on the next set of socks.

And then there is the project that was on a deadline.  A good friend from work was expecting a grand daughter.  I told her that we would go to the yarn store, she would pick the yarn and I would knit a blanket.

Here it is blocking.

The blanket is  pretty pink and someone was pretty jealous.

 The pattern was based on Tiger's Blanket with a crochet picot edge.  I was informed that we needed to take a picture with Tiger

The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  The color is 901- Cotton Candy.  It is a very pleasant yarn to knit and is crazy soft.  I found myself stroking the blanket quite often. I will use this yarn again.  I don't think my little girl will give me the choice.

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